The picturesque double drop waterfall is set in pretty woodland, and flows through a striking ravine. From fairytale falls that shoot through narrow canyons, to those with turquoise pools that wouldnt look out of place in Bali. Nestled under some of the largest mountains in the area, Sprinkling Tarn offers an adventurous wild swim in the Lake District. Ullswater at Glenridding isnt exactly the wild swimming location in the Lake District for getting away from the crowds, but on most days, you can find a decent spot to call your own. Information can be found on the Lake District website specifically for swimmers and users of the lakes. It must be one of the best wild swimming walks in the world. Crystal clear water, cant beat a summer swim to cool off and in the h. Follow 4 miles to Howtown pier (tricky parking) or approach from Sandwick Bay. Not suitable for jumping. Yup. This is Lake District swimming at its best, demanding swimmers put in the effort to get to the water before delivering superb views and a chance to feel the searing high of slipping into the. Just 15 minutes along Langstrath Beck from the Langstrath Country Inn, the river forms a small waterfall called Galleny Force. This setting serves up some brilliant wild swimming options. It may be small, but Rydal Water is still an amazing place to venture for a wild swim. Youll descend 350m of boggy grassland, albeit with wonderful views to soften the blow! Buy your copy today and get over 30% off with free P&P go to Wild Things Publishing and use discount coupon 'OS' at checkout. While on a cold day the setting might look a little forbidding, find a warm sunny afternoon and you're in for a treat. The perfect place for a plunge in natures Jacuzzi. For finding the best locations to explore, a guide such as Suzanna Swims in the north-west Lakes or Colin Hill at Ullswater can offer invaluable advice and brilliant guidance. Paperback . There are several small footholds, but even then, I had to take my boots off to feel comfortable going up. Here you can enjoy wilder and shallower waters. Along the same river (and walking track) youll find crystal clear swimming holes ranging from turquoise to emerald green. This is the part of the waterfall that most people visit. However, the pool is small and best enjoyed with as few people as possible - which can be a challenge to achieve as its not a very long or difficult walk (although you do have a bit of a climb on a narrow track). You can actually find it right here in the Lake District! There is so much to see and experience while swimming in this wild lake. So if you plan to take a dip in multiple lakes please rinse both yourself, your swimwearand any other equipment thoroughly between each swim. Also, dont try and do too much too soon. Here are our top 10 swimming spots for both family activities and secluded bliss. Although the trail is still flat, its a little rocky underfoot and there are patches which are quite damp, though its still easy enough. If I was randomly dropped at Scale Force and asked where I thought I was, Id say New Zealand (or maybe Iceland). Choose from general swimming in the 33m pool, a water workout in the 20m pool, or family fun time in the 10m pool. All nestled in a steep sided valley, cleft from rugged heights. There are signposts at the beginning of the walk, but not at the crucial points further along, so we have detailed instructions below. After 300m youll see a gate into the woods on the left. It's near Rydal Water and you'll park the car at Rydal Hall and track Rydal Beck up stream for about 45 mins. Its an easy track that is flat for the majority of the way. Each of the parking locations mentioned in this article have been marked on the map, along with the best spots to jump in for a swim. However, early morning and sunset are personal favourites especially setting out from places like Ashness Jetty. # # 2 3 2 # # # # # 0909897810 . IN THIS GUIDE // LAKE DISTRICT WILD SWIMMING. Go and visit purely for a wild swim or as a lovely after hike dip. However, you dont have to be a fan of wild swimming to enjoy a visit. Best for Waterfalls: Cascata Plera, Tolmezzo, Friuli-Venezia Giulia A waterfall drops into a true blue pool over the this funnel of rock. This helps towards the costs of running our website. If youre feeling brave you can take a dip in the icy waters beneath Scale Force. There are two separate pools, one higher than the other. Pass through it and youll see some steps down to a wooden bridge just ahead of you. St Patricks boatyard rents kayaks and canoes, so you can take to the water for your own mini-adventure. The whole family can enjoy a picnic, swimming and laughter, all in this magical spot. You can consider this article a work in progress as we have plenty more waterfall adventures planned! These are the 14 best waterfalls in the Lake District: 1: Scale Force2: Whorneyside Force3: Rydal Grot4: Sour Milk Ghyll5: Stock Ghyll Force6: Chockstone Falls7: Fisher Gill Falls8: Aira Force9: Ritsons Force10: Stanley Ghyll Waterfall11: Coniston Secret Waterfall12: Skelwith Force13: Eskdale Waterfalls14: Warnscale Beck Falls, Walk length: 4.2 miles (6.8km) returnDifficulty: Moderate. From the bridge, you get a great view of the lower falls, but only a peek at the upper falls. Huge craggy mountains surround the water creating a dramatic atmosphere for a refreshing Lake District wild swim. All the spots on this list are wild and have no safety measures in place. You wouldnt want to do this after heavy rainfall (or during rain). Tongue Pot is a deep pool with high walls perfect for leaping into for a more expansive swim. After leaving the lake shore, the walk begins to climb, but very gently at first. St Nectan's Kieve, Tintagel. Be guided through invigorating breath work and a guided meditation that will relax you and prepare you for your cold water immersion. We spent our childhood exploring the lakes, tarns, rivers and waterfalls that are sprinkled all over this corner of Northwest England. Please remember to take all rubbish with you and keep these places wild and pristine - as with anywhere in the outdoors. Weve been providing free travel content since 2017, helping our readers explore new and familiar destinations. Swimming in Lake District resources: These are what we used in deciding where and how to swim: Lake district national park swimming page: Explains what waters/lake you can and cannot swim in and additionally, which one have less boat traffic etc. The walk to get there is also gorgeous, taking you alongside multiple cascades and through fabulous mossy woodland. The silver lake beaches between Hoathwaite and Conistan Hall are backed by meadows and ancient parkland, make for a perfect beginners stretch and are situated between the two campsites of the same name. Especially if they are owned by the National Trust. With all the beauty of the lakes and wild natural swimming holes, there is something special about swimming in the wild near to, or even under a waterfall. Were Cat & Joe, two Brits, now living in Australia, with a passion for the outdoors and adventure travel. Make the Moat House Your Wild Swimming Base Prefer an infinity pool perched on top of a huge cliffside waterfall? This will make you more noticeable and reduce the risk of an accident. The famous poet's favourite Lake District viewpoint is at this very lake, aptly named 'Wordsworth's Seat'. Birks Bridge What to Consider When Wild Swimming Dangers of swimming in lakes and rivers A crucial question is always, what is the water temperature? There are no facilities at Wastwater, but the Saw Mill Caf a few kilometres south is great for coffee and lunch. Due to the depth of the lake it may be colder than others on our list so make sure that you wild swim in the correct gear. Hi! The prices are: up to 2 hours: 3.50, up to 4 hours: 6, up to 12 hours: 8, or weekly: 28 and payable every day 9am to 6pm including Sundays and bank holidays. 14 Incredible Lake District Waterfalls: wild swimming and hidden gems, Catarata Del Toro: difficulty, trail conditions and how to beat the crowds, Tips for experiencing the magical Golden Circle in winter, Skelwith Force: a great rainy day activity in the Lake District, Crinkle Crags & Bowfell: Two of Wainwright's favourites in one walk, Tarn Hows and Black Fell: an easy walk in the Lake District, Loughrigg Fell: the perfect walk from Ambleside, Lake District, The easiest route up England's highest mountain, Scafell Pike, Helm Crag - The perfect sunset walk in the Lake District, Warnscale Bothy: a Lake District hidden treasure, 14 incredible things to do in Coniston including secret spots, 16 amazing things to do in Grasmere including the best of its wild side, Stanley Ghyll Waterfall: one of the most atmospheric in the Lake District, The shortest route to Cathedral Cave - just a 15 minute walk, The Giggle Alley Japanese Garden: Eskdale's hidden autumn wonderland, Hodge Close Quarry: how to find the incredible hidden caverns, The quickest walk to Rydal Cave plus a hidden cave nearby, Stock Ghyll Force: Ambleside's beautiful ravine waterfall, Tongue Pot and the spectacular swimming holes beyond, The Buttermere Infinity Pool and the hidden swimming spots beyond, Ritson's Force: incredible electric blue waterholes in the Lake District, Buckstones Jump & the incredible swimming holes at Rydal Waterfalls, Scale Force: the Lake District's wild and mysterious gorge waterfall, Sour Milk Ghyll and Easedale Tarn: 2 spectacular swimming spots in Grasmere, Whorneyside Force: Langdale's secret waterfall swimming spot, Thirlmere infinity pool: how to get there and beat the crowds, The Old Man of Coniston, one of the best walks in the Lake District, Everything you need to know to hike Catbells, Lake District, Seven Easy Walks in the Lake District, England, The best Lake District walks for stunning views, Best things to do in the Lake District, England, The Kindness of Strangers: 10 travel moments that restored my faith in humanity, What it's like to give it all up to travel in your 30's. Wastwater is the deepest lake in the Lake District. It cascades into a narrow mossy chasm and the walls are so high that no light can penetrate. A pebble beach shelves down on one side of the pool into the crystal clear water and an oak tree overhangs. Discover the elegant splendour of Stanley Gill Force, one of Lakelands most graceful falls, once revered by Victorian traveller but now well off the beaten track. It's an activity that has gained popularity over the last few years and the Lake District is top on the list of places to go for many wild swimmers. This is not the only infinity pool in the Lake District, but it is one of the most beautiful. For more information about swimming responsibly in the Lake District, catch up on the rules at the Outdoor Swimming Society. The best waterfall and wild swimming waterfall in the Lake District!! Hypothermia from wild swimming is known and should be protected against. 7 amazing public swimming lakes to wet your appetite, Frequently Asked Questions About Wild Swimming. The water is shallower than most of the other lakes on our list with crystal clear water. Another reason for its popularity is that it can be reached via such an easy well maintained trail. After buying a one way ticket to Istanbul we spent a year making our way through Asia before arriving in Australia, where we have been living ever since. With the sun reflecting off the mountains, the water shimmers in the reflection of tall mountains, there are few places better for a thoroughly enjoyable outdoor activity in the UK. As well as your wild swimming gear these spots are perfect places to get out your camera, phone or GoPro and capture the surroundings. The lake itself is approximately mile in length and mile in width, making it the perfect starting point for novices and for those literature fans among you, as you can gaze up at Wordworths Seat during your swim. Where can I swim for free in the lake district?Any of the main lakes, tarns etc are all free to swim in. Wild Swimming Walks Lake District: 28 Lake, River & Waterfall Days Out 216. by Pete Kelly. An eerie mist lingers over the lake, revealing the mountain scene reflected on the perfectly still water in an intermittent rhythm. A brilliant place to explore. You can access your free e-book by clicking on this link. In terms of majesty it has to be one of the most incredible waterfalls in England. Park at the Blea Tarn car park between Little and Great Langdale Valleys. Sign up to receive the very best of OS and its group of companies, straight to you by email. Some of the spots on our list are not signposted, so carry directions with you and check our individual guides for details on track conditions. As the grot becomes more well known it will be harder to get it to yourself, so you might want to visit early or late if youre travelling in peak season or at the weekend. With a shimmering chute falling 20m into a deep plunge pool, it's hidden in a mossy and verdant tropical-looking ravine reached by crossing several wooden bridges and some final scrambling along a slightly tricky path. Read Next The Gordale Scale Walk, Yorkshire Dales. You can also swim in the deep pools beneath Dalegarth Bridge on the way up to the parking area some jump from the bridge, and there are rope swings too. From this point on the scenery gets even better. With grassy knolls and ancient rowan trees, perfect clear water and flat rocks for sunbathing, these are mountain waterfalls to surpass all others. In this video I find the most beautiful wild swimming spot, visit 2 waterfalls, summit 5 mountains and find the most stunning wild camp location. The Sava Bohinjka River provides a chilly thrill for flow-swimming fans. The walk to get there is also gorgeous, taking you alongside multiple cascades and through fabulous mossy woodland. At a massive length of over 10 miles and 1 mile in width it can seem scary to the newer wild swimmers out there, but please do not be disheartened.
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