Steve Getz | Yates then calls Rollins twice to set up a meeting and she agrees, but is forced to bring Detective Fin Tutuola with her, which Yates isn't happy about. Occupation When Lewis calls for a recess, she leaves to go home. Amanda Rollins: Yeah. already renewed for next season and Chicago Med recently picked up for a full first season, there is plenty of time for a four-way down the road. Dr. Gregory "Greg" Williams Yates is the main antagonist of the third and fourth crossovers between Chicago P.D. Chicago P.D. Janis Donovan | Gregory Yates Director Michael Grossman Writers Michael Brandt Derek Haas (showrunner) Dick Wolf Stars Jason Beghe Jon Seda Sophia Bush See production, box office & company info Watch on Peacock with subscription More watch options Add to Watchlist This is a list of fictional characters in the television series Chicago P.D. Erik Weber | She eventually starts to bond with Rudnick. Dena Carter | Sean Albert | Chicago Justice "Justice" (PD S03E21) May 11, 2016: Chicago Fire. executive producer Matt Olmstead tells The Hollywood Reporter. I mean, what what did you do? Oscar Papa | He is put on trial for raping and murdering Decotis after the NYPD, led by now-Sergeant Olivia Benson, find her body and several others in Dead Horse Bay. I think he gets off on it. Finally, Lindsay is forced to shoot him in self-defense, killing him. ( SVU: "Daydream Believer") Appearances character Nadia (Stella Maeve) last April. In the SVU episode "Nationwide Manhunt," Detectives Lindsay and Antonio Dawson are sent from Chicago to New York to interrogate Yates, but Yates refuses to cooperate unless he can speak with Rollins. Yates stops at a gas station in Reynoldsville, Pennsylvania, and buys supplies and more green nail polish. Sal Avelino | Mark Sirenko | Steve Martell | Rollins turns to imprisoned serial killer, Dr. Gregory Yates, when a new dead body with a similar m.o. She eventually started helping serial killers escape from prison. Susie eventually finds the photo, but she decidesto use the photo to blackmail Rudnick into setting him free, against Yates' wishes. Gerry Rankin | Markeevious Ryan | Villains who aren't revealed to be bad at first. It's an interesting triangle," says Leight. He also implies that Rollins might be pregnant herself. I caught all 3 episodes on SVU last night w/ Yates and that other guy. Mark Ford Brady | Charles Gallagher | Be Read allA nine-year-old child's asphyxiated body is found in a suitcase on a bus, with evidence of having been in the Everglades. The coroner found she had had a quality nose job, and been raped. He greets secretary Nadia Decotis on the way out. Ray Burrows | : Look What The Cat Dragged In, Watch Chicago P.D. Terry Randolph | Jon Kosta | gregory yates first appearance . Were tossing ideas around. Alexa Pearson | Matthew O'Dell | Julia Veloso | Sylvia Moon | Donald Housman | Laurel Linwood | He then instructs her to sit down, gives her a full confession of all his crimes, and begins taunting her about Nadia's murder. Delia Wilson | Watch thousands of hours of hit movies and shows, plus daily news, sports, and pop culture updates. Darius Parker | Rob Miller | History Freed is seen leaving the courtroom after being selected to be on the jury in William Lewis ' trial. In response, Yates makes a shocking accusation against Manhattan' Read allRollins turns to imprisoned serial killer, Dr. Gregory Yates, when a new dead body with a similar m.o. Roberts made his debut in Aprils three-way crossover between Chicago Fire, Chicago P.D. She witnesses the testimony of Detectives Tutuola, Rollins and Amaro and they describe Lewis' crimes. Kevin O'Donnell | We only want to do it when its right. Yates is cooperative with Detectives Erin Lindsay and Nick Amaro, giving them all of his information as they talk about his work records. He was intellectually brilliant, however, and was accepted to Duke University as a medical student. Susie FrainCarl Rudnick Watch Chicago P.D. Ray Masters | ", Instead, Leight tried to suggest starting the crossover on Wednesday with SVU and wrapping it the following Tuesday, "but that didnt go over too well because they wanted it to be on two consecutive nights. Liann Crosby | Ken Turner | Dede McCann | He then tells them to check the body that washed ashore again, as he is positive the killer cut the victim up while she was still alive. Danielle Keyes | Raphael Gardner | Dwight Talcott | Donald Bazinski | Alias Chicago P.D.Chicago FireLaw & Order: Special Victims Unit She flew into a rage and stabs him in the cheek for making her sister lie on their father and making her kill him. When Lindsay tries to call for help, Yates forces her to hang up and surrender her weapon. Mark Bruner | In Different Mistakes, Nadia calls Lindsay for help, Lindsay gets . Edward Kofax | Series. Dr. Diane Meade | Adam Brubek | He attended medical school at Duke University, where he met freshman Susie Frain and they started dating. That they couldn't live the lives that they've planned. Ricky Blaine | Alexander Rausch | However, Olmstead hints that this might be Roberts last time reprising his role as Yates. Frank Donnelly | "It's almost like basketball teams that have played each other a few times. K.O.B.S | He then flees to a cabin, where he carjacks a man, kills him and leaves a taunting note for Lindsay, telling her he will be seeing her back home. A suspect's computer is A nine-year-old child's asphyxiated body is found in a suitcase on a bus, with evidence of having been in the Everglades. He then goes to Susie's house and proposes to her, which she happily accepts moments before Lindsay and her commanding officer, Sergeant Hank Voight, burst in and arrest him. With the judge's approval, Yates represents himself with his attorney, Sofia Crane, as his co-counsel during the trial. Later on, Yates locates his biological father, Michael, and kidnaps him. But it doesn't mean that you'll sleep tonight. Gordon Pratt | washes up on a beach. The crossover continues on Chicago P.D. He puts on a defense to create reasonable doubt through Nadia's past as a drug-addicted prostitute as well as previous suspicion on another suspect, Halstead's brother Will, and his claims that the Chicago Police Department was abusing her. He then asks them to examine her body and to test to see if she was pregnant. He tells Rollins that Susie went to Rudnick to blackmail him for his freedom in exchange for hiding the photo. Lindsay tries to get Yates to confess to murdering the four nurses, but he refuses and hangs up on her. Lindsay warns him to stay back, but Yates keeps edging closer and closer, declaring that she will be the one to tell his story and repeatedly daring her to kill him. "My head I won't say it exploded, but it expanded," Leight tells The Hollywood Reporter with a laugh. He then attacks Rudnick and leaves him to die, but Rudnick is rescued by the SVU squad. Yates was born in Chicago, Illinois, to Michael and Susan Williams. Chris Carnasis | At the same time, Rudnick finishes creating a hole in the wall of his cell with the tools he got from Bronwyn and takes Yates with him. Larry Moore | Bill Harris | They both crawl through a pipe leading out of the prison and kill two electrical workers who assisted Rudnick, and Yates leaves behind a taunting note written in green nail polish for the SVU team to find. He then attacks Rudnick, severely injuring him and leaving him for the police to find. Dr. Nicole Keller | Rudnick eventually convinces her to help him escape, and she starts sneaking in supplies inside lasagna made in a deep dish for Rudnick to escape. The latest two-hour. Her murder remains unsolved as of 2022. Crimes In December, she marries a man named Kyle Wilkins and takes his surname to hide her true identity while she works at Green Haven. Saleh Amir | Joseph Cardero | Izak Bekher | Upon arriving at New York, he raped, tortured, and ultimately murdered Nadia, but not before she left behind her scarf as evidence. The two of them use the smuggled phone to order drones and send them flying over the prison yard, causing a riot. Michael Williams (father, deceased)Susan Williams (mother)Nellie Williams (sister) Rollins accuses Yates of killing this new victim; Yates implies someone else is responsible, but won't elaborate. Meanwhile, Yates murders another state trooper and uses his body to lure in Lindsay and Dodds, shooting at them with the trooper's stolen gun and wounding Dodds. He buries her in his burial ground. They inform him she is covering class and is headed to the parking lot. Nadia promptly screams, but Yates cranks the radio volume up again and tauntingly tells her that she should tell him something about herself as they have a long drive ahead of them. Origin In response, Yates makes a shocking accusation against Manhattan's Deputy Chief Medical Examiner. IntelligenceCunningManipulation ?If you need a refresher and want to know about the future crossover, then you came to the right place. Yates told Rudnick to kill her but Rudnick fired a shot into the air, attacks her, throws her in the trunk of a car, and leaves her to die. Daniel Brooks | Aaron Wesley Parker | Leonard Baker | He subsequently calls on Freed to testify. Graham Winger | When she was giving the jury's verdict, she conveyed that she and several members of the jury had serious reservations on Benson's conduct and delivers the verdict. Perry Moncaldo | Qaadar Khaleel | John Regis | February 6, New York City, New York: Two unnamed electrical workers. Watch Law & Order: Special Victims Unit: This Is Different, Watch Law & Order: Special Victims Unit: It Mummified, Watch Law & Order: Special Victims Unit: Caucasian Female, Watch Law & Order: Special Victims Unit: Conjugal Visits, Watch Law & Order: Special Victim's Unit: Copycat, Watch Law & Order: Special Victims Unit: Devil's Dissections, Watch Law & Order: Special Victims Unit: A.D.A. washes up on a beach. Nothing is concrete, saysOlmstead. Lloyd Wilkes | Right? Peter Butler | It gets us another run with them. Because of this, Britney flew into a rage and murdered her father to protect her sister from him. Samantha Weaver | Peter Stone later revealed Greg took a plea of 25 years of statutory rape and conspiracy to commit murder. Eli Hartley | Its such an intense episode.. Britney tells him that her sister hasn't been the same and Greg assures her that things will be fine. Greg was neighbors to the Moore family and got along well with them. Yates ties his father to a chair and puts a noose around his neck, threatening to kill him once Lindsay finds them. When the Detectives bust in, Greg begged for help with Fin telling him to be quiet and taking the bleeding Greg away and Benson consoling Britney. Luka Terzik | Danielle McCaskin | The coroner found she had had a quality nose job, and been raped. Blake Carter | Because of the order in which the shows air in a given week Chicago Med, followed by Chicago Fire on Tuesdays, then Law & Order: SVU and concluding with Chicago P.D. SVU) Greg Yates; Carl Rudnick; William Lewis (L&O: SVU) Alternate Universe - The Old Guard (Movie 2020) Fusion; Badass Benson; Immortal . Patrick Mulregan| Clarence "C-Square" Carmichael | I'm pissed off, man. The character was revived in 2002, although her appearances became much more infrequent; her last appearance on Law & Order occurred in 2009. Mike Stoat | By the time he realizes that he has been tricked, it is too late; the jury has seen him for who and what he is. Orlando McTeer | Was inspired by the 1996 murder of former child beauty queen, JonBenet Ramsey. Gordon Rickett | Doug Waverly | Harold Coyle | Olivia Benson: I'm still doing it. New York, however, is in fact one of those states, so it's proper and realistic for it to pop up here. Henry Talbott | Richard Manning | Law & Order: SVU airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. ET/PT, followed by Chicago P.D. Billy Tripley | When another body washes ashore, Detective Rollins tries to coax him into confessing, but the surprising information he provides sends shockwaves through the police department. He gives them the address while withholding the doctor's name. Appearances Episode aired Mar 28, 2003 TV-14 42 m IMDb RATING 8.2 /10 770 YOUR RATING Rate Crime Drama Mystery A nine-year-old child's asphyxiated body is found in a suitcase on a bus, with evidence of having been in the Everglades.
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