Furthermore, for construction, sustainability was the way forward. The centre was designed by Pritzker Prize -winning architect Zaha Hadid in 2004 before London won the bid for the 2012 Summer Olympics. Have all your study materials in one place. Impacts of changing trends in resource consumption, Multidimensional development and the SDGs, Patterns and trends in leisure and tourism, Leisure hierarchy and sphere of influence, 3. Annual wages were low and unemployment was high. What does it cost to cancel an initial notice and revert work to my local council? Edinburgh Olympic Stadium will host a range of events including Football, Baseball, Swimming, Atheletics etc. What happens if I only find out my AI has no insurance once the works are completed? How do I pay for an LABC training course? How does the building control process work? 0 ratings 0% found this document useful (0 votes) 5 views. arts, Massive construction scheme lasting years disrupts local communities, New sports venues around London and elsewhere e.g. During the bidding process, it was proposed that the games would increase the number of British people participating in sports, which would have both social and health benefits. 1 - Scene of the industrial revolution during the opening ceremony of the Olympics 2012 (https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:2012_Summer_Olympics_opening_ceremony_(12).jpg) by Matt Lancashire (https://www.flickr.com/people/64781900@N00) Licensed by CC BY 2.0 (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/), Fig. Stratford is located in east London, about 7 miles northeast of Central London. Section 5 discusses the role of systems integration as a structure and process for coping with project complexity and concludes by suggesting some promising avenues for future research. endobj The paper "Building Project Management of London Olympics Stadium" is a perfect example of a case study on management. <>]/P 325 0 R/Pg 504 0 R/S/Link>> Change). The charging stations continue to support emission-free travel long after the Games. In some boroughs, unemployment went up during the Olympics rather than down. [4], Suggest why some people feel that the Games provided a tangible legacy. Does a cancellation notice have to be issued by the Approved Inspector? of the users don't pass the Stratford quiz! What's the process for transferring work from an AI that no longer has insurance to an LABC team? The plans laid out for improvements included the expansion of the London Underground, specifically the East London Line, upgrades to the Docklands Light Railway, and the North London Line. The regeneration of the park was not only for east London but was a nation regeneration effort to help re-brand the UK with a new sustainable point of view. Fig. The Olympic Stadium was estimated to cost 701 million, three times the original estimate. The Olympic games had a relatively positive impact on the area, with new houses, shops, and schools. Will you pass the quiz? My question isn't answered on this page..? The seating bowl is compact, bringing all 80,000 spectators far closer to the event than previous Games venues. endobj A fleet of 200 electric vehicles transported Olympians, supported by 120 charging stations that created the UKs largest network of recharging points. 520 0 obj The aim of the construction of the Olympic park was to be s sustainable as possible not only to provide for the Olympic games but to provide for the future population of Stratford and Lea valley. London won the bid to host the 2012 olympic games in 2005, with the proposal stating that it would create a sustainable and social legacy, unlike other olympic games where the stadium has been left abandoned. Density maps for each model were produced to assess this. Page 11 is especially good. Sign up to highlight and take notes. endobj The London Olympic Stadium is sited on a diamond-shaped island between two existing waterways, located within the southern section of the new Olympic Park. Olympic Game is an important event for a country as it will positively impact the hosting country strategically. More than 46,000 people worked on the Olympic Park and Olympic Village, 10 percent of whom were previously unemployed. The water quality in the River Lea that runs through the Olympic Park was also improved, and green areas were placed alongside the river. Create flashcards in notes completely automatically. (Video). Upload unlimited documents and save them online. This makes Stratford a good place to live. Affordable housing is still unaffordable for the poorest people in Newham. London as a case study The Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in London was built for the Summer Olympic Games in 2012. Work for this began on East Bank, formerly known as Olympicopolis. Al Ahli Club is a United Arab Emirates professional association football club based in Dubai. London won the final round, beating Paris by 54 votes to 50. Presenters from the Buro Happold team discuss how they eliminated 40% . These charging stations are used today for emission-free travel. Sustainable and biodiverse vegetation that is suited for an urban environment was used. I've started an entry but don't know how to get back into it! This lasted for several decades before it was regenerated prior to the 2012 London Olympics. Many of the materials used for construction came from overseas rather than local businesses. What are LABC's booking terms and conditions? The Olympic Village was converted into 2,800 flats and apartments, and new developments such as The International Quarter will provide 7,000 additional homes on the edge of the park. People around the world witnessed the memorable opening and closing ceremonies of the Olympic Games held in the stadium. (LogOut/ Subsequently, case studies for three different stadium types (Olympic stadium, indoor stadium and football stadium) used for the Olympic Summer Games in Sydney (2000), Athens (2004) and Beijing (2008) are analyzed based on literature research, field surveys and interviews. This presentation looks at aspects of the engineering innovation and ground-breaking use of long span elements. What should Approved Inspectors do once their insurance has expired? <>]/P 316 0 R/S/Link>> 2017-04-07T11:48:28-07:00 Create and find flashcards in record time. After the games, the temporary venues were removed, and existing infrastructures were changed to become more permanent structures. The stadium also hosts events such as the UK athletics and various bands and artists throughout the year. London Olympic Stadium as built, in 2012 Phase 2 - Installation of cable-net The tension ring was lifted into place by using strand jacks installed on the inner top chord of the compression truss. 0000000016 00000 n 522 0 obj EXPLORE THE OLYMPIC PARK zoom_in How did the Olympic Park solve urban problems? Stratford's status, along with the already. East Village is one of the most sustainable communities in the UK. . Partner Authority Scheme application form. xref The original stadium had 25,000 permanent seats on the lower tier and 55,000 temporary seats on theupper tier. The regeneration cleaned up the urban wasteland to provide for the Olympic park. The UKs Home Office (the ministry of the interior) invested GBP 40 million in communications upgrades for Londons Underground, doubling radio capacity at key stations to help authorities deal with any emergency. The idea is praised by both the mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, and City Hall, which has resulted in a 45,000 contribution being made towards a feasibility study and business case for the project . Nie wieder prokastinieren mit unseren Lernerinnerungen. Sign up to highlight and take notes. During July and August 2012, visitors spent about GBP 760 million in the UK, averaging GBP 1,290 per person almost double the normal amount. The authors analyse and discuss how Olympic organisers and related stakeholders might effectively manage and deliver the Games, taking into account what has been learned from previous Olympics as well as the emergence of models of best practice from the management, project management and sport management literature. The initial estimate of GBP2.2bn was totally wrong and the games eventually cost around GBP10bn! endobj Best study tips and tricks for your exams. The images below provide a graphical representation of the density maps for each phase. Due to the increased tourism generated by the Olympic games it has also caused more tourism all over the UK in places such as York. Free and expert-verified textbook solutions. o Olympic Stadium (to seat 80,000 spectators) o Aquatics Centre o Hockey Centre o Accommodation for athletes (Olympic Village) Demolition of the site began in late July 2007 (Photo 7). London has great wealth and experience in putting on large events and is used to welcoming visitors from around the world, so it was organisationally capable of running the Olympics. Create flashcards in notes completely automatically. The reason being the stadium lost value by 381 million between 2014 and 2020 and cannot make a profit as estimated. One of the main aims of the Olympics was to be the most sustainable Games ever. 477 0 obj application/pdf 8.77 billion of tax payer's money. The Westfield Stratford City - the largest urban shopping mall in Europe. Stratford is now the 2nd most connected part of London, after King's Cross. 2 Objectives The ODA had five years to staff up, procure and deliver around 6bn of major construction works . The Olympic development covers an area approximately of 250 hectares and houses the Olympic Stadium, Aquatics Centre, Velodrome, Copper Box, BMX Track, Eton Manor and Riverbank Arena together with sponsors hospitality, the international broadcast centre/main press centre complex, the Orbit Tower, extensive public access areas (landscaped & These ships could not navigate down as far as the Royal Docks. The area became more affluent, and therefore housing is still unaffordable for the poor(er) people in the community. Stratford became one of the most deprived communities in the UK, with low-income families and high unemployment. This was primarily paid by lottery funds, meaning that other things, such as the arts, lost out on a lot of money. At least 60 Games-related projects promoted greener travel, including a GBP 10 million investment to upgrade pedestrian and cycling routes across London. Create beautiful notes faster than ever before. LABC team: JLAB London Borough of Newham, London Borough of Hackney, London Borough ofWaltham Forest, London Borough of Tower Hamlets, Royal Borough of Greenwich. 2012 Summer Olympics and Paralympics were no different. Test your knowledge with gamified quizzes. Do I need a building regulations application (specific projects)? The final building to be sold off was the 300m media centre, which will now primarily house Infinity - a data company who want to store information for large corporations. Lerne mit deinen Freunden und bleibe auf dem richtigen Kurs mit deinen persnlichen Lernstatistiken. Financial: the British government was ready to back any over-spend on the construction of Games facilities. Download Free PDF View PDF There are also now academic options for pupils between 3 and 18. This meant that about 560 acres of land had been cleaned in order to build it. What will the local authority surveyor do? In order to host the Olympic and Paralympic Games in 2012, new venues needed to be built. o 200 million on security. <>]/P 500 0 R/Pg 497 0 R/S/Link>> Surprise! While many of the planned legacies were met, there were some disadvantages along the way. The London Stadium is set to have multi-million pound solar panels installed to generate . Environmental - Some of the ways the park is sustainable are walking routes, water-efficient design of homes, and protecting natural habitats. Along with the cost overruns, the stadium was not completed on time, with construction on the famous retractable roof not starting until after the 1976 Olympics. Transport for London invested GBP 6.5 billion in transport infrastructure in preparation for the 2012 Games. Although the infrastructure development projects under PPP operation which can fill the funding gap as a result of increasing demand for infrastructure development and reduced public sector funding capacity have been practiced since the late 80s, the $560 million Bird's Nest (National Stadium) is the first stadium project in China using this procurement method. Case study - urban regeneration in Stratford, London After the closure of many of London's docks in the 1960s, thousands of people lost their jobs. 0000002330 00000 n More than 98 percent of the demolition waste from decrepit buildings that were torn down was recycled. Buy Online. Furthermore, many jobs did not go to locals and construction jobs were temporary. BBC News. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your WordPress.com account. It was changed to commemorate the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II. The athlete's village was turned into housing which was said to be affordable. There were advantages and disadvantages to this regeneration. However, the reality of the area was that it was one of the most deprived areas in England due to the deindustrialisation that came after the industrial revolution. methods used and the case study and analysis of the London Olympics construction programme is presented in Section 4. The aquatics centre and its 50m pool can now be used by the community, schools and athletes alike. Why are some private building inspectors facing problems? 370 0 obj Dugan, E. 2013. The new roof, which is supported by a cable net system, is one of the largest of its kind inEurope. <>]/P 320 0 R/Pg 504 0 R/S/Link>> xb```f``xY8002,8jrvEQVA&9hTl+]xb[Q+g8fYLqbI)V=dPoPR x@,t^G+@qb1x~E. LDSA (London District Surveyors' Association). What was the Olympic Media Centre redeveloped into? since 2016. endobj What is the status of any regulatory work done in a period where an Approved Inspector fails to secure renewal of their insurance? The population density per hectare was greater than in London (68.8 to 47.3), the family income in pounds per year was significantly lower than in London (28,948 to 37,073), and the unemployment percentage was higher than in London (7.8 to 4.5). <> Out of the three newest schools in the area, two have received an 'Outstanding' award from Ofsted, the Office for Standards in Education. The Olympic park solved urban problems such as cleaning up the industrial site it was built on and working on water quality in River Lea. The London Olympic Stadium is now home to West Ham United football team. It was chosen from nine cities, with five shortlisted to make formal bids (Paris, Madrid, Moscow, London, and New York). Imagine that you live in the area that is going to be transformed by the Games. London Olympic Stadium case study - Read online for free. The Olympic and Paralympic Games inspired over 2,000 community projects designed to educate young people in the UK about sport, health & fitness, art and Olympic values. Chobham Academy, a school for students aged 3-18, was able to open in the East Village. endobj TRUE or FALSE: The Olympic Stadium was estimated to cost 701 million, three times the original estimate. What were the regeneration challenges faced with the Olympic Park? endobj Anonymous, no date. Just before the 2008 Beijing Games the Geneva-based Centre on Housing Rights and Evictions reported that over 2 million people have been forcibly displaced due to the Olympics with the worst examples being 720000 for the 1988 Games in Seoul and 1.25 million for Beijing.
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