Gods greatness is not just that he is strong, but that he is strong for us. He spent his adult life in Jerusalem, married to a prophetess. There are rarely instant solutions to the things we face. Words made famous by Handel's Messiah, filled with hope, joy and meaning. -Isaiah 40:30-31 New Sunday School Curriculum: Our Bible lessons are designed to keep the kids' attention and show how God's Word makes a difference. But our Lord promises that He will never leave us empty or alone if we seek Him. Proverbs 3:5-6 NIV states, Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding;in all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight. The grandson said, If I hadnt waited for you, I would never have made it across. We must wait on God in the same way, and not run on ahead of Him. Isaiah 40:31 but those who hope in the LORD will renew their strength. Look to Jesus who stills the storms! Isaiah acknowledges thiseven youths shall faint and be weary; and young men shall fall exhausted (Isa. O: As an athlete, I've heard numerous times . This isnt about showing God how strong we are and asking him to give us a bit more. Then, despite every obstacle, youll fly like an eagle, run without becoming tired, and walk without feeling faint. The eaglet hatched with the brood of chicks and grew up with them. However, it's in the waiting being quiet with God in His presence that we gain His strength for living. Waiting is often difficult because we equate it with inactivity. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.". They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint. Those who wait on the Lord are those who have the assurance and inner confidence that the promises He has made to His people, and the things for which we hope, are a matter of fact and a present reality that cannot be contradicted by senses, emotions, reason or fear. Heather Adams is an author, speaker, and singer living in Connecticut. He will not grow tired or weary, and his understanding no one can fathom (Isaiah 40:28). Yet those who wait for the Lord Will gain new strength; They will mount up with wings like eagles, With His grace, our faith will grow, leading us on toward Christ-likeness. This, he declares, is the basis for our hope. This isnt the end. But scripture shows us time and time. A Prayer to Renew My Strength [Isaiah 40:31] Dear God, fountain of all blessings, I come to you to have my strength renewed. They feel helpless under the long, arduous life and are ready to give in to despair. Previous. You who have been troubled with sin in your life. Are you someone who's always looking for ways to deepen your faith and connect with God? And we now look to him and wait for him to workultimately looking to the day when Jesus returns to set all things right and make all things new. When we find ourselves discouraged, drained spiritually, and struggling with apprehension, we need to take time to slow down to pray and listen. It is done in counted cross stitch, and has a very special place in my heart. Bible Verse of the Day: Scripture quotes to inspire your faith in God today. It should have started with walking, then it became running. Leaders and laypeople alike heard his calls to repentance, and most either ignored him or grew angry with the message. This was a frightening prospect, especially following all the messages of judgement and condemnation Isaiah had already brought to the nations. Find spiritual inspiration when - read Today's Bible Verse and the Deovtional Scripture Passage for Today. His mission is to warn them of upcoming judgement by God for their rebellious behavior. Acts is the story of Gods grace flooding out to the world, from the cross and resurrection of Jesus in Jerusalem to the ends of the earth. When you come to God in prayer, it's because you have faith he will respond. (Isaiah 40:15 RSV). Daily Devotion Hope: The Anchor of the Soul If you are feeling battered by a storm in your life, remember God's promises cannot fail. Waiting is a topic that is dear to my heart for many reasons. The book of Isaiah aims its message mainly at the people of Judah and Israel, but also includes nearby nations like Egypt, Moab and Assyria. They wake you up for a while, but their effects eventually fade. Devotions by Chapter . It is faith in His Word that is needed to soar with wings as eagles. However, God is not irresponsible. All Videos Images Commentaries Devotionals Other Translations Sermons Related Scriptures Podcasts Blogs. They will run and not grow weary. First, the eagle ascending to the heights of the heavens and effortlessly soaring through the sky. Isaiah 40:31: "But those who wait on the LORD / Shall renew their strength; / They shall mount up with wings like eagles, / They shall run and not be weary, / They shall walk and not faint." June 2nd, 2021 by Pastor Ed in devotional The formidable Assyrian army threatened to destroy Jerusalem, and the people were panicked. As we accept our weakness, lean on our Heavenly Father and trust in His perfect Ways, well find a well of holy power that never runs dry. Even the youths shall faint and be weary, and the young men shall utterly fall: But they that wait upon the LORD shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint. c. Instead, we can go to Jesus. Isaiah drops many pearls of information about how and where the Messiah will arrive, as well as what His ministry will be. We have then found ourselves again flagging; we have ran and become weary; and we have walked until we feel faint. A native New Englander, Heather is settling into her home in the South, trying out local foods and watching for the alligators that live nearby! GOD IS AWARE! They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint. Your driving always seemed much slower, people passed us all the time,and we were really getting nowhere, so I snatched those reins from you. After walking with God for many years now, Ive seen numerous answers to prayer. Join Ps Phil as he inspires our faith from this passage in Isaiah 40:27-31 The next day, I consumed every type of caffeine I could find to stay awake. Often there are situations that can make us weary. Featured December 2022 Comfort and Hope, 801 Seminary Place, Suite L010, The book can almost be seen as divided into two large sections. You who bring good news to Zion, go up on a high mountain. Thank you for teaching us these invaluable lessons that become life long lessons and extend not only to other parts of our lives but that we can also share with others. What if we placed our trust in God? You're depending on God's power. Isaiah uses a pair of wordsfaint and wearythree times in the span of a few verses here (Isa. Many verses here claim God as Creator and Ruler. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not become weary, walk and not faint.". Only His protective hand can shelter us from the storms of life and not our own limited, human abilities. But guess what Ive discovered? Isaiah 40-41 : At last! What does the Bible mean to you? They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint. But when our natural inclination is to step on the gas, God is often telling us to hit the brakes. He does not grow faint or grow weary (Isa. What I have discovered is how God shows up in times of waiting, and how many lessons I have learned as a result of waiting and trusting the process. David told us to be strong, let our hearts take courage and wait for the Lord (Psalm 27:14). Isaiah 40:1-8 Spring Beauty. He gives strength to the weary and increases the power of the week (Isaiah 40:29). 1. The formidable Assyrian army threatened to destroy Jerusalem, and the people were panicked. The name Isaiah means The Lord is salvation, and this theme resonates through all of the prophets book. I urge you to review the truths in Psalm 27 each time you are tempted to be afraid. All rights reserved. Bible Book List. Is the The Suffering Servant prophecy in Isaiah 53 about Jesus? Prayer: Gain New Strength. Help your family grow spiritualty and stay in Gods Word today! So as we wait on God He will help us use the adversities and strong winds to benefit us! In God's Word, we are promised a renewal of our strength. Your email address will not be published. In the Bible, we are told that our hope should be in the Lord. Hes waiting to have compassion on us. Circumstances impede us! I recall one time after a mission trip I stayed up all night before heading home. But is that really what this well-known verse means? They will run, and not be weary. GOD IS AVAILABLE! He brings princes to naught and reduces the rulers of this world to nothing (Isaiah 40:22-23). God works in His own time and way, ( Isaiah 55:8-9 ). S: "But those who trust in the Lord will find new strength. VERSE Isaiah 40:31 "But they that wait upon the LORD shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint." King James Version (KJV) < Previous Verse Next Verse > View Chapter Isaiah 40:31 Context Sorry, your search returned no results :(. And we also need to hear and know that the Lord can strengthen us. A large part of his ministry was reminding everyone that God is real and mighty, and that His commands are to be the basis for living holy lives. We wake up tired. Isaiah tells us God is waiting to be gracious to us. But, in actuality, who do you know that has not been in a season of waiting? The message is blunt: the strongest among us doesn't have what it takes. You don't have to worry about us spamming you or giving away your information. Some people think God is a force somewhere in the cosmos, while others picture a benevolent grandfather type who overlooks "little" sins. Bible Verse of the Day | Psalm 23:1 | A verse about provision, Bible Verse of the Day | Romans 15:13 | A verse about hope, Bible Verse of the Day | Romans 10:9 | A verse about salvation/healing, Bible Verse of the Day | Matthew 11:29 | A verse about Jesus' rest for our souls, Bible Verse of the Day | John 16:33 | A verse about courage, Old Testament Bible Verses: Top 10 Popular Scriptures from the Hebrew Bible, Ephesians 6:7 Devotional On FAITHFULNESS IN DAILY LIVING. Always There: Finding Gods Comfort Through Loss. They will walk, and not faint. But waiting on God is not easy. Different Translations of Isaiah 40:31 Different Bible translations of verse 31 convey a similar overall meaning. But those who wait upon God get fresh strength. 40:29). I see it in the way He speaks to my heart through devotions. As you wait on the Lord, so will you change your strength. And if you want to really stretch them, I challenge you to praise God even when you receive a no. God is not praiseworthy because He answers our prayers; Hes always worthy of praise. He stretches out the heavens like a canopy, and spreads them out like a tent to live in. Perfect for family Bible study Devotional and Journal Complete with guided journal pages each day for kids and adults. GOD IS ABLE! Do not look down, but upward! It is more likely that those who are losing heart will read these lines. God will come through for you. The inevitable order. Daily Devotional - Isaiah 40:31 by NPBC | May 1, 2018 | Devotions Today's devotional meditation is taken from Isaiah 40:31, which says, "But they that wait upon the LORD shall renew their strength." The Word of God is filled with commands, exhortations and personal declarations to "wait." History; . 40:28). Get out your journal, read this verse, and use each acronym to see what God wants you to get from it. Start FREE. . series. March 30, 2020. Isaiah 40:31 in all English translations. The grass withers, the flower fades, but the Word of our God stands forever. [The believer] must wait for the Lords own time, and that is too much for the man in a hurry.. Read full chapter. Finally, the runner soared on wings into the azure like an eagle against the blue. Keep your eyes on Jesus Christ, who is near and alive through the grace of His Holy Spirit. Isaiah 40:31 uses this same term: "Yet those who wait for the L ORD will gain new strength." If you are waiting for God to work this week, keep on waiting! Even youths grow tired and weary, The word of the Lord to them was that they should wait on the LORD. He was telling them, and us, that we can wait on Him because He does not get weary. In His presence is fullness of joy. Isaiah 40:31 Elaine M. Ward Story Time At The Altar 86 Messages For Children A man found an eagle's egg and put it in the nest of a barnyard hen. But they who wait for the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings like eagles; they shall run and not be weary; they shall walk and not faint(Isaiah 40:31). This was also a very timely reminder for me. His judgements are just, and His promises are "yes" and "amen", for those that believe His Word, wait on Him, abide in Him - and He in us. Connecting with the father puts the fathers strength in you! And I dont mean that as a pat answer. They will walk and not faint.". A God who is not just the glorious creator and sustainer of the creation. All rights reserved. There are difficulties in life that overwhelm the strongest of people, fears that gnaw at the stoutest of human hearts, and young men who grow faint and weary. They will walk and not faint. We dont hope in other people. And we wait for him, which is more than just passing time. Paul tells us we should keep in step with the Spirit, since we live by the Spirit (Galatians 5:25). With a renewed zeal and enthusiasm, we have returned to our homes with a new energy that can last for weeks or even months. Isaiah 40:31 NIV Be still before the Lord and wait patiently for him; Psalm 37:7a NIV The Lord will fight for you; you need only to be still. We need to find ways to revive before we fall into discouragement or distance ourselves from God. We will soar on wings like eagles, run and not grow weary, walk and not be faint ( Isaiah 40:30-31 ). He longed for everyone to come to a place of submission to God, so that they might avoid His wrath and experience His blessings. Chapters 56-66 deal with the return of the Jews to Jerusalem and the rebuilding of the city and the temple. LORD, we wait on You to carry us this day through things too strong and swift moving for us. Grant me the strength to walk the hard, narrow, winding path. Chapters 40-66 may have been written later, in about 681 BC. Christians, remember that God has graciously given us his Holy Spirit, who makes us fearless in troubled times. The rest of Isaiah 40 expounds on God's ability to provide this comfort and deliver his people, showcasing his authority over all nations and rulers and powers. Find encouragement, hope, and God's love every day through short Bible verses. We learn that God is who he claims to be. But we are human, and we live in a fast-paced culture that demands everything now. Can you remember a time when you stayed up all night? 2 Speak tenderly to Jerusalem, and cry to her that her warfare[ a] is ended, that her iniquity is pardoned, that she has received from the Lord's hand double for all her sins. However, we dont have to lose hope even when things are tough. We wake up tired. Visit me @ www.kaysigordon.com, [et_social_follow icon_style="simple" icon_shape="circle" icons_location="top" col_number="auto" outer_color="dark"]. Now comes a touch of consolation and anticipation of a new thing that God will be doing. Do you not know? In Isaiah 40:30 the verb stands first, Isaiah 40:30 being like a concessive clause in relation to Isaiah 40:31. God answers our prayers because of His unfailing love. Isaiah 40:29-31: He giveth power to the faint; and to them that have no might he increaseth strength. We will be able to soar like eagles, run and not grow weary, walk and not be faint. What I have discovered is how God shows up in times of waiting, and how many lessons I have learned as a result of waiting and trusting the process. Isaiah 41:9-10 Life, Christian Life, Seeking God December 29, 2006 Kyle Lovett Warfare & Worship Music, Oct 14, 2020. Whether the promises of God are for Israel or given to the Church, God's Word is true. But as believers, we are called to be part of a holy nation, shining Gods light into a dark world. Lets be inspired as we consider his story. What does it mean to mount up with wings like eagles? His grace is enough for every eventuality in life and His provision comes through faith in His beloved Son. We're Tricia and Michelle, two friends inviting you to join us in reading through the Bible chronologically this year. Isaiah 40:31 (NLT) Verse Thoughts Whether the promises of God are for Israel or given to the Church, God's Word is true. What does it mean that the grass withers and the flowers fade, but the Word of the Lord endures forever (Isaiah 40:8)? Copyright 2002-2023 Got Questions Ministries. Isaiah 40:31. Gods glory is not just that he has power, but that he loves to use it to help those who need it. And He has promised that His grace is sufficient for us, no matter how weary we may become, for His power is perfected in our weakness. But while those are all God-given sources of strength, they cannot give us the deepest strength we need when we come to the end of ourselves. I can say that I have truly learned how to trust God. Help me I pray, to trust implicitly in the power that I can only receive from my Lord, Christ Jesus. This is life turned up! In the hour of testing, you have been too weak to resist. Sign up for annes newsletter at www.annepeterson.com and receive a free eBook. So today, choose to trust in God. One of the major themes of Isaiahs prophecy in the book is the coming of Christ. I believe I have been in a season of waiting. . They might let us down. Carlos, thank you for your comment. For you who have determined upon a course of action and commitment to God, but haven't been able to carry through. Along with these difficult passages, the book of Isaiah offers a glimpse of Gods amazing plan to reclaim His people through the arrival of a Deliverer. leonard ross attorney,